Okano Trading Company Makes Proposals for Environmentally-Friendly Products-including Anti-Seizing
Compounds, Shaftless Conveyors, Valves and Industrial Equipment

Okano Trading Company

Company Information

Corporate History

 Okano Trading was established in October of 1947 for the purpose of expanding distribution channels for valves for various plant facilities by Mitsuru Okano, the founder of Okano Valve Manufacturing Company, a high-temperature high-pressure valve maker. Since its establishment in Moji Ward of Kitakyushu City, we have been providing valves, super-high pressure parts, joint bolts and the anti-seizing agent “SMOKON” as the sole sales agent for Karatsu Valve Industries Co., Ltd and Supero Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. We gradually expanded operations, opening offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Kitakyushu, Chiba, Yokkaichi, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kanazawa and developing into a trading company specializing in the field of piping and industrial equipment. In March of 1994, an affiliate company, Shin Nichinan Co., Ltd. entered into the field of municipal incinerators to expand into environmental equipment. We have been active in sales over a wide range of industries, providing products to companies involved in electric power, petroleum chemicals, steel, ship building and government entities (including municipal governments and third sector corporations). Following our corporate philosophy of developing “products that will truly be of use to clients,” we aim to pursue the active development of outstanding products, continue to diversify our product lines and live up to the expectations and trust of our customers.

Showa era 1947 / October Established by Mitsuru Okano, the founder of Okano Valve Mfg. Co.

1948 / April

Osaka Office opens

1949 / October Begins to consigned manufacturing with Karatsu Valve Industries to commission the manufacture of medium and low pressure valves, and become sole distributor
1950 / January  Becomes the sole distributor for Supero Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. a bolt nut manufacturer established by Mitsuru Okano, and commences sales of high temperature high pressure bolt nuts and the high temperature high pressure bolt nuts anti-seizing agent SMOCON developed later.
Commences sales of valves and other parts for super-high pressure equipment that were developed with high-precision processing technology in the mid 60s
1954 / November Tokyo Office opens
1959 / April Yokkaichi Office opens
1967 / May Chiba Office opens
1967 / September Hiroshima Office opens
1971 / May Increases capital to 18 million yen
1971 / December Masami Okano inaugurated as president
1972 / July Nagasaki Office opens
1975 / May Okashyo Service Co. established as base to for maintenance service in East Japan
Heisei era 1994 / March Establishes Shin Nichinan Co., Ltd. and entered the field of environment equipment
1996 / May Masatoshi Okano inaugurated as president
1999 / February Increases capital to 72 million yen
2000 / April Kitakyushu Works opens
2002 / January Seoul Liaison Office opens
2006 / June Increases capital to 90 million yen
2008 / April Kanazawa Office opens
2011 / January Kitakyushu Works closed

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